Related View is the table of one entity type added to the dialog box of another entity type.

For example, the Project dialog box contains the Tasks related view.

Note You can add Related View only if one entity relates to another entity by property or link.

Related View automatically applies filter by related entity.

For example, in the Customer dialog box, the Orders related view shows orders related only to the given customer.

Note You can set layout and create presets for related view, but you cannot change the filter by related entity.

To add related view

1. Log on to the database in Configurator.

2. Right-click the database, point to Mode, click Views Configuration; then click the right-pointing arrow next to required entity views, click the entity view with (Detail), and then click Add (+) on the toolbar of the Related Views table.

3. In the Related View Settings dialog box, click required view in the View box, click required relation type in the Relation Type, type related view name in the Caption box, and then click OK.

Note If entities are not related by property, the Relation Type box has only the Links value, while if entities are related by property, the Relation Type box has both the Links value and the Property value, so you need to click the Property value.