CMS management system helps organizations realize the strategic value of business information and knowledge for better decision making and insight. Such a system provides enterprise content management solutions that improve the way you do your business by enabling you to put your business content and knowledge in motion. Everything you deal with in daily practice can be captured and organized as records in one centralized database and then provided for personnel for thorough analysis and further decision making.

Capture and Organize Business Content

When you carry out some business activity you need to use certain information as the main source of insight. That information should be relevant and up-to-date in order to enable you to quickly analyze current situation and understand the best ways of doing your business activity. CMS management system provides you with all data needed for your success. It creates a single database to capture and organize business content.

For example, CentriQS database lets you keep, organize and update all of your documents and related information (incl. schedules, tasks, projects, etc.). No matter whether you want to write an article, submit a report, design a website scheme or do whatever else task, the system helps you plan your activities and keep your files, documents and other business content at hand.

CMS Management System: Organize Business Content

Manage Business Content

Enterprise content management aims to deliver high value of business data by providing an organization with business content needed for executing its activities and processes. CMS management system allows you to establish document approval workflows to make it easier for you to capture, review and approve new files and changes to existing files available in your database.

Manage Business Content in CentriQS

For example, any file that is stored in your CentriQS database has a series of default properties that describe the file and let you track it. You can also add custom properties to establish a document approval workflow specific to your business needs. Authors and writers of documents, articles, white papers, manuals and other business content can report you on the state of their work by sending you notifications.

Protect Business Content

Sharing business data among authorized people within or outside a working environment is a challenge for most organizations.

Protect Business Content Management System

The point is that employees need to exchange files and documentation to improve their collaboration, but there should be a mechanism that could allow preventing data theft and protecting business content. Only authorized personnel should be allowed to view and change needed content.

CentriQS CMS Management System

CMS management system successfully addresses this security challenge. CentriQS makes it possible for you to set permissions in your database so that users will be able to view and change only their documents, files and other business content. The system is flexible enough to let you set permissions according to your needs. For example, managers and administrators can be allowed to access all files in the database, while authors, writers and other personnel can be allowed to view and change only their own files.

Document and Disseminate Knowledge

Knowledge management is closely linked to business content management. It determines strategies and processes that identify, structure, value and share a company's intellectual assets to improve business performance and competitiveness. Success of knowledge management depends upon the implementation of two critical activities, including:

  • Documenting explicit and tacit knowledge
  • Disseminating captured knowledge

When your organization is enabled to implement both activities, it earns more chances to succeed in rapidly distributing required business content (incl. documents, files) and accurately auditing content compliance for legal, regulatory or educational purposes. CentriQS CMS management system allows you to create and transfer knowledge documentation.

Documenting Knowledge

Business documentation (manuals, instructions, tutorials, specifications, etc.) provides employees with guidance for proper use and maintenance of knowledge. To capture and document business knowledge, first you need to create a document repository in which you will keep and update business records and files. CentriQS users can access your document repository to obtain necessary guidance, audit document changes, and also upload their own files and docs to the repository.

Disseminating Knowledge

Knowledge dissemination is a business-critical process that determines how to transfer good ideas from one part of an organization to others that can use the information. It enables senior management to rapidly distribute required business content to all employees and ensure that the data has been received and reviewed.

CentriQS CMS management system lets sort personnel by groups, so users will access only dedicated files and documents. Automatic notifications, email messages and reminders keep managers informed about which users have received and modified which documents.

Disseminating Knowledge

Ensure Staff Training and Skills Development

When right business content is combined with right approaches and is supported by right documentation, there is a wonderful opportunity to train employees and develop their skills. On one side, personnel training requires effective business content management to provide employees with necessary documents, and on the other, it depends on how well necessary information is transferred between personnel to ensure adherence to best practices. In other words, success of staff training and development depends greatly on whether there is a good system that enables effective management of business content and rapid transfer of knowledge and best practices.

Ensure Staff Training and Skills Development

CentriQS CMS management app allows effectively generating and sharing training documentation among employees to help them comprehend and follow best practices of problem solving and decision making. Managers and trainers can use templates to create tasks that employees need to do to complete their training. Meetings, brainstorming sessions, conferences and other training events can be scheduled, and respective agendas can be created.

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