Product catalog is a list of all products that are available for sale. Product catalog database is the central location to store your product information, including prices, units, and other related data. 'Products' view in combination with 'Folders' panel lets you manage product information in a structured and efficient way. Besides storing and managing CRM product data, product list is also used for creating quotes, orders, and invoices.

Create Product Catalog

You can create product catalog in the ‘Products’ view by adding, editing, and deleting product in the list. Note that if you want to remove some products from the catalog, but you don’t want to delete them completely, you can move these products to archive.

sales crm add edit delete products

Product profile contains typical fields like ID, Name, Type, List Price, Units, etc. You can add new fields of any data type, rename or customize existing fields, as well as hide and display fields in the product profile view.

create product catalog: sales crm product fields

Folders panel lets you create a tree structure of product groups and subgroups. You can sort, group and filter products in the list by folders they belong to.

sales crm product folders

Manage Product List

You can sort products in the list by clicking on any column header. For example, if you click on the header of the ‘Name’ column, products will be sorted alphabetically, while if you click on the header of the ‘Price’ column, products will be sorted from the biggest to the lowest price and vice versa.

sales crm product sorting

You can group products in the list by dragging and dropping any column header to the ‘Grouped By’ box. For example, if you drag’n’drop the header of the ‘Type’ column to the space above the grid, products will be grouped by their type. You can display group summary footer to aggregate certain data. For example, if you right click on footer under column ‘Name’ and select ‘Count’, you will see how many products are in each group.

sales crm product grouping

You can filter products in the list by using quick filter, advanced filter or folders panel filter. For example, if you click on filter icon in the header of the ‘Units’ column you will be able to check required unit(s) and all products with different units will disappear from the list.

sales crm product filtering

After you sort, group and filter products for some time, you may find out that some of these settings you use more frequently than others. There is a possibility to save the different combinations of sorting, grouping and filtering settings into preset layouts, which are enabled in one click. For example, you can save layout which sorts products by price, groups by type and filters by folder.

sales crm product layout

Add Products as Items to Quotes, Orders, and Invoices

Detail view of Quotes, Orders, and Invoices has ‘Items’ table that refers to product list. Besides such Product columns as Name, Type, Price, and Units, table ‘Items’ has such fields as Quantity, Discount and Amount.

sales crm product items table

When you need to add an item to you quote, order or invoice, you simply select a product from your product list and its fields Type, Price, and Units are filled in automatically. After you enter item’s Quantity and Discount, if any, its Subtotal will be calculated automatically as product Price multiplied by Quantity and then Discounted.

sales crm product items fields

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