The Reports view provides a few reports for you to view or print. You can use Report Designer to modify these report templates and create your own report templates from scratch. To change a report template, right-click it, and then click Edit.

assets report templates

Asset List

The 'Asset List' report is a simple listing of all the current assets in the database. This report shows the name of the asset, the category it belongs to, the date it was purchased, and the amount of money it costs now.

asset list report

Assets by Category

The 'Assets by Category' report groups assets by the category they belong to. It shows the total amount of current value for all assets value and subtotal amount for each category. You can generate this report if your asset list is quite long.

assets by category report

Retired Assets

The 'Retired Assets' report shows a simple list of the retired assets. You can sort the list by Category or by Date Retired. With the Current Value column you can see how much money you can make out of each asset if you decide to sell any, or you can learn the total amount you can get from selling out all retired assets.

retired assets report

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